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The E-type portable crusher plant

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    May 23, 2019 2:13 AM EDT

    The E-type portable crusher plant is a kind of stone crushing equipment with a wide range of applications. So which device is it mainly composed of? The E-type portable crusher plant mainly consists of a jaw crusher, a feeder, a vibrating screen and a belt conveyor. The equipment integrates the whole set, has flexible mobility, reduces the consumption of material man-hours, and has flexible adaptability and flexibility. It is a powerful crushing device and is very popular among users. Is it important to maintain the construction waste crusher in use? With the advancement of the construction waste recycling project in the country in recent years, the mobile construction waste shredder plays an important role in this process. In the market, it is also not popular with users, and the effect of crushing construction waste is remarkable. However, the maintenance and overhaul of the construction waste crusher during use is also very important. Because many users ignore this problem during use, which causes huge damage to equipment damage and production downtime. Briefly introduce what problems should be paid attention to when using construction waste portable crusher plant? 1. Perform fault detection without stopping the machine. Firstly, understand the various operating parameters of the machine during normal operation, and find out what abnormal data can be detected immediately. 2. I will listen. For example, if the machine screw is loose, the sound of the machine will be louder, and the stable screw can be checked immediately. For example, the consumable parts are often inspected and replaced in time to ensure production output. In addition, the components inside the machine will be damaged.