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Arriving to Fortnite for a limited time

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    February 21, 2019 9:33 PM EST

    Last night on Christmas Eve Eve, Epic rolled out a brand new mythical skin which miraculously had not leaked yet, and it might be its finest Christmas-themed production yet.The new skin is mythical tier, that will put you back a pretty penny at 2,000 V-bucks (about $20), but for most, myself included, it's totally worth buy fortnite items.

     The skin is Krampus, the Christmas fanatic of storybook lore, and he shows up in Fortnite appearing like a cross between The Grinch and Gene Simmons with a ludicrously long tongue.

    Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon creature that is from fundamental European folklore that might likewise be pre-Christian. Though he is now famous for basically being the anti-Santa Claus. Even though St. Nick gives presents to good children, Krampus punishes the poor ones from abducting, drowning and/or ingesting them. So uh, behave, I guess, is the lesson there.

    Fortnite's Krampus certainly includes his goat features, and he's wearing a type of misshapen Santa suit himself. Probably my favorite glider because the bat or ice dragon, frankly.

    All this will...cost you. If you want the legendary skin, the epic poem along with the rare mining tool, that is 4,000 V-bucks whatsoever, which is roughly $40. Not a bad price for a last-minute Christmas present, I guess, but it's rather hefty.

    I had never heard of Krampus until Dwight Schrute first brought him up and his child-stealing at The Office a while back, but he's gotten even more popular since. But even that may not be as good as the Fortnite one here.

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