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Qingming is the fifth solar term in the

  • November 8, 2018 1:45 AM EST

    Qingming is the fifth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms of the Chinese lunar calendar. The Ching Ming Festival is between April 4 and 6 of the spring. This day is also the day we pay homage and remember the lost loved ones.this time, it was the long winter that passed, and the colorful, vibrant spring came to us. After a while, the spring breeze blew our faces; the spring rain drifted down, making nature exceptionally clear.ndma said: "The Ching Ming Festival is the most poetic festival." We read the book "Children read ancient poetry" and found the poet Wei Zhuang of the Tang Dynasty. "The street is full of willow green and smoke, and it will become a clear March." In the red apricot curtain, the girl sent a swing to the chaos." The poem of the poet Wu Weixin of the Song Dynasty, "The pear flower is getting clear and clear, the wandering spring is half out of the city. The Japanese songs are packed up Online Cigarettes, and the Wanliu willow is a rogue." There is the first-ever "Qingming" written by Du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty: "There are many rains in the Qingming period Newport Cigarettes Price, and the people on the road want to break the soul. They ask where the restaurant is, and the shepherd boy refers to the Xinghua Village." These poems depict the festival of Qingming. People are generally spiritual enjoyment, especially when Du Mu connects Qingming and "rain" tightly together. This kind of poetry has reached its utmost. like Qingming Festival for another reason: I finally have the opportunity to embrace the spring in the suburbs Newport Cigarettes. The first opportunity is for the school to organize us to go to the spring tour. At that time, the teachers and students will take the bus to enjoy the beauty of the spring on the way to the picturesque mountains, meadows or lakeside willow trees, enjoying the joy of spring. The second opportunity is to sweep the grave with all the members of our Wu family. At that time, we will bring flowers, fruits and pastries to pay homage to the ancestors of the Wu family. We lined up in front of the tombstones. When Grandma screamed, Mutter said: "Mother and Dad Cheap Cigarettes, let's see you." Then, my cousin and my cousin are chasing the madness in the mountains, releasing our youthful vitality. We each bring our favorite toys, such as skipping ropes, Diabolo, kites, etc. Show your own "living" on the open space under the mountain. Until I heard "We are gone!" shouted, we reluctantly walked to their respective cars, waved each other and rushed to the same destination - An the returning car, I was immersed in the feeling of leaving, my grandmother whispered to me: "The second activity can be called sweeping the grave, or you can call it green. We combine the grave sweeping with the greening. the way home, I was thinking about sweeping the graves and going green next year Marlboro Red 100S. The annual Ching Ming Festival is an unforgettable holiday in my elementary school life.