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    Murcia is one of the smallest regions in Spain and is located in the southeast of the country on the Mediterranean coast between Andalucia Customized Bears Jerseys , Castilla La Mancha and Valencia. There is only one province in Murcia unlike most other regions of Spain, which means the whole region is operated by the one local government. The capital of Murcia region is the inland city of Murcia itself, and the other important city in the region is the coastal city of Cartagena, and the region's most important port.

    The spoken language in Murcia is quite different from many other parts of Spain and has some similarities with neighbouring Andalucia. Many words are cut short by eliminating final consonants and utilising many regional words that stem from old Arabic words. The result can be quite confusing for native Spanish speakers and tourists alike.

    Mar Menor and La Manga
    Mar Menor, or Little Sea as it is also known, is Europe锟絪 largest salt-water lagoon. 170 square kilometres of warm, shallow salt water surrounded by sandy beaches. It is an ideal retreat for families with small children, as the water doesn't get any deeper than 7 metres throughout the whole of the lake. The lake is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a spit of land called La Manga, 24 kilometres long and offering unlimited sandy beaches with crystal clear water perfect for swimming, snorkelling and scuba Diving. Mar Menor is the perfect destination for anyone interested in any kind of water sport and there are plenty of schools offering everything from windsurfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing and fly-surfing to diving, sailing and canoeing.

    Murcia Capital
    Murcia is the capital city of this region of Spain. With a population of just over 400,000 people, it ranks as the 12th largest city in Spain. The climate varies greatly throughout the year with extreme temperatures during the summer, and relatively mild winters with the possibility of frost. With the very low level or precipitation, Murcia has sunshine virtually every day of the year.

    Murcia cathedral is one of the main city attractions, and was created in 1394 in the place where an Arab mosque once stood. The interior is Gothic with a Baroque facade and its tower of 95 metres high took over two hundred years to build and involved many different architects and styles.

    Cartagena city
    Cartagena is an important naval seaport to the Spanish and one of the most important in Spain. There are many naval ships here and many of the buildings surrounding the port belong to the navy, including a good museum for those interested in its history. Due to Cartagena锟絪 location on the Mediterranean Sea, the port has been very important throughout the ages and the ruins of many castles and forts can be found high up on the surrounding hills once lending support to its defence.

    Cartagena is an historic city with many wonderful buildings to view, within easy walking distance from the centre of the city. The weather is typically hot with plenty of sunshine and the city offers plenty of bars and restaurants around the many parks and squares to take in the slow and relaxed atmosphere Cartagena has to offer.

    Murcia Holiday Attraction
    Only recently has major property development started to take hold in the region. Many holidaymakers are starting to see the attraction of the region, which offers wonderful weather, endless beaches of fine sand and spectacular scenery on the Costa Calida, which is also called the 'Warm Coast'.

    Away from the coast, the terrain changes to high cliffs with stunning scenery and wonderful natural spaces, many of which are protected to preserve their natural beauty and wildlife. Murcia is a great location for anyone wanting an outdoor holiday with plenty of available activities. For walking, mountain biking or horse riding there are plenty of designated walks and pathways with maps obtainable from the local tourist office. For more adventurous activity holidays there is white-water canoeing, rock climbing, paragliding and deep-sea diving to name but a few.

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