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    November 5, 2018 1:02 AM EST

    When it comes to relationship advice Women's Donnel Pumphrey Jersey , you have to be careful which you follow and which you ignore. Most everyone will have an opinion about the best way to go about getting back together with your ex, but not all those opinions are things you should do. In many cases, the advice you get can actually cause more harm than good and will encourage you to be manipulative and childish. Here is some relationship advice that can help you get your ex girlfriend back in 5 simple steps – healthy relationship advice. In other words; good relationship advice.


    Here are five easy steps that can help you reconcile with your girlfriend in no time at all:


    1. Take a look at your past mistakes, the ones that directly impacted your relationship as well as those that didn’t (or at least you don’t think they did). Pick a few of your personality traits that you feel you should work on and improve. Make a total commitment to investing time and effort into changing those things about yourself that you’re not happy with. Not only can this, eventually, help you get your girl back, it can also make you a better person in general.


    2. Go out and be social. Don’t spend all your time isolated in your home. On the other side of the coin, don’t go out with other women. This is a mistake many men make, they want to make their ex jealous. The good news is that it usually works, your ex will probably be jealous. The bad news is that it won’t help you one little bit if your goal is to get your ex back. She may be jealous but that doesn’t mean she’ll want you back. Go out, but don’t hook up.


    3. Take a trip and or do something unique and different. Explore not only the world, but yourself as well. Challenge yourself and try new things. Whether that means finding a better job or taking a class this is a great time to improve the person you are. That way when you do contact your ex she’ll be impressed by the changes you’ve made and the interesting man you’ve become.


    4. Take care of your physical appearance. This may mean joining a gym. Breakups are hard on you both emotionally and physically, it’s important that you help keep your body strong and alleviate some stress. Working out on a regular basis can help you accomplish both of those things. It will also help make you look really hot for that time when you contact your ex.


    5. Last but not least, you’ve let some time go by without talking to your ex, but more than likely she’s been hearing from mutual friends about all the changes you’ve been making and all the cool new things you’ve been doing. Now is the time to contact her. It’s very, very important that you keep things extremely casual. Remember, she’s probably used to the two of you fighting and she may be hesitant to see you for fear that you’ll just end up in a fight again. If you keep things very causal and friendly she will have time to learn to trust you and she will have a chance to see the new and improved you. In most cases that is all it takes for her to want to get back together with you.


    If you are willing to follow these easy steps, be patient, and avoid all the stupid and unhealthy relationship games that so many people seem to like to play, you have a great chance to get your ex girlfriend back in 5 simple steps – healthy relationship advice. This is the only way that really makes sense. A relationship just can’t last if it’s based on childish, manipulative behavior.


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    GUANGZHOU, July 19 (Xinhua) -- Major Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Wednesday reported an almost 30 percent rise in net profits in the first half of the year due to improved sales and margins.


    In a filing to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, ZTE said its net profits rose 29.9 percent year on year to 2.29 billion yuan (339 million U.S. dollars) in the six months ending June.


    Sales revenue jumped 13.1 percent year on year to 54 billion yuan during that period, it said.


    The Shenzhen-based company said its sales and margins rose as domestic telecom operators continued to invest in 4G telecommunication systems. Meanwhile, as it expanded further into overseas markets, its mobile phones also reported higher sales and margins.


    TOKYO, July 21 (Xinhua) -- The Okinawa prefectural government will file a fresh lawsuit against Japan's central government on the relocation of a controversial U.S. Marine base within the southern island prefecture, local media said Friday.


    The lawsuit is expected to be filed as early as Monday and the Okinawa government will once again try to halt the central government's plans to relocate the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan to the less populated Henoko coastal region of Nago.


    The lawsuit will argue that the government has not secured permission from Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga for construction work that will damage rocks on the sea bed, where reclamation work has been going on, sources close to the matter said Friday.


    Onaga himself is a staunch opponent of the U.S. base being relocated within Okinawa.


    The prefectural government also believes that fishing rights have been granted in the Henoko region, meaning the central government's construction work is infringing on these too.


    The Okinawa government has requested the central government to renew its permit to work in the area, which expired in March, although the central government maintains that it does not need permission as legal matters concerning fishing rights have already been dealt with.


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