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    Short hairstyles have always been the most natural hairstyles for men. There are several reasons which make short hairstyles as the most common for the casual life of men. Cause of this fact could be the effect of religion Jeff Allen Jersey , military and sports on men nature.


    Being plain is not a must for short hairstyles. Short haircuts could have many hairstyles to choose from and try. Comb and hair wax could be enough for short hairstyles and short hairstyles make life easier for you. In other words, short hairstyles are durable and stylish at the same time. If your hairstyle requires some products, choice is yours.


    Casual and sympathetic looks can be provided by avoiding groomed styles and extra-ordinary styles. You have to consider your face shape and hair condition. Here comes some examples of casual hairstyles for men in 2012:


    1. Hairstyles for short straight hair


    If you are a guy who keeps himself on the move, this is the best hairstyle for you. This is a very popular hairstyle because it is quick and simple. Men can try to retouch his hairstyle without going to barber shops. Some short hairstyles like sliced razor, short layers and short crops can be easily styled.


    2. Hairstyles for short wavy hair


    Sometimes you feel you need to try casual wavy hairstyles in short length. Casual style could carry a top-heavy one or hair with short messy layers. A wavy short hair could require more care, compared to short straight hairstyles, yet it is not too much. To highlight the texture of your hair, you can add some moulding cream. But if you want to have a wet look on your hair the products changes into gels.


    3. Casual short hairstyles for curly hair


    Tight curl, loose curl and straight curl. These are your options as a curly haired man. Wet curls look fresh. Anti-freeze hair products could help you to define your curls better.


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